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Ramblings of stay at home woman

Random ramblings of stay at home woman... The most dreading questions What do you do all day? --I do work just like you. How do you kill time whole day sitting at home? --If you have some spare time give me I actually need it! Trust me, really. How can you sit at home after… Continue reading Ramblings of stay at home woman

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R for roadtrips

R for road trips.. A lot of things can happen over a road trip. Sudden realizations, life changing decisions, a much needed push/ pull, a lesson for lifetime from a most harrowing experience, blossoming friendships, blooming love and you may even find a key to your heart and dreams during such trips. Most importantly, this… Continue reading R for roadtrips

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H for Home…The place I grew up.

H for Home....Generally, conception of good beliefs and faith in a person are an impact of the formative childhood years. It is believed that the family members, neighbourhood and places we live in, infuse a certain wisdom, culminating in a metamorphosis by which the adulthood is attained.I grew up wanting to explore places, experience multiculturalism,… Continue reading H for Home…The place I grew up.

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Breeze of love- p 2

  Part 2. Aanya heard her phone buzz for fourth time. Not wanting to ignore again, she picked the call. As soon as she answered she could hear Anu’s worried voice “Hello aanya how much more do I have to wait? And tell me where are you right now?”. She chuckled at her friends impatience… Continue reading Breeze of love- p 2

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Breeze of love…

Gently holding her closed right eye with her left hand, she carefully put her eyeliner. Standing in front of mirror with one eye closed, Aanya smiled at the perfect winged liner. Looking at the full length mirror, Aanya saw her reflection, throwing some appreciative glance at her. She had carefully selected mint green ankle pant and paired it… Continue reading Breeze of love…