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Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

People who have grown up with a brother or sister at home will have innumerable memories. Those which hold the power to moisten your eyes and curve your lips. Those that are a gateway to reminisce about your childhood days, innocence, childishness and a carefree life where the only commitment was to eat, study and… Continue reading Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

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K for kuppu paati

K for kuppu paati. My Kuppu paati (father’s mother) is the reason I am here, rekindling all my best memories and being grateful to so many people around me. She was a very thin-fair skinned lady, with a broad forehead, well combed bun, wrinkled cheeks, diamond earrings in her ears and single gold bangle in… Continue reading K for kuppu paati

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J for Joyous movie rides..

J for Joyous movie rides.. During 1990’s not every house had cable connections or these satellite channels. We felt elated and thrilled to go to theatres and watch movies. It wasn’t an every-week affair. We went for movies with the entire extended family, during vacations or as a reward to our good behaviour. Those fun… Continue reading J for Joyous movie rides..

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H for Home…The place I grew up.

H for Home....Generally, conception of good beliefs and faith in a person are an impact of the formative childhood years. It is believed that the family members, neighbourhood and places we live in, infuse a certain wisdom, culminating in a metamorphosis by which the adulthood is attained.I grew up wanting to explore places, experience multiculturalism,… Continue reading H for Home…The place I grew up.

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F For Friends

F for Friends... Friends are people we meet outside the four walls of our comfort zone, our home. Friends can be crazy bunch of people who laugh with us for silliest things and become our partners in crime, matured set of people who teach us the sense of self respect and inspire us to advance… Continue reading F For Friends

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E for Extended Family

E For Extended Family When your vacations begin in an over populous home with random orders fired from all the directions, you do not need DSLR, Passport, Sunglasses and home theatre’s, to make a truckload of memories. The unacclaimed patience to repeat “Aah Haan ok ok” for all the miscellaneous instructions directed towards you, is… Continue reading E for Extended Family

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D for Dhruv

D for Dhruv... You are a magic that happened to us, A dream that came true and a blessing from God. The day we were informed about your inclusion in our lives, we felt our hearts stopped beating for a lifetime. There were million butterflies fluttering in our stomach and our eyes welled up with… Continue reading D for Dhruv

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Birth of a mother in me   I had a very arduous pregnancy. Was not able eat and sleep throughout the 9 months. Infections and medications made it even more difficult. I have had severe food cravings many days. But was scared to eat them, especially spicier ones. I ate food only to throw up… Continue reading Motherhood

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Priceless lessons

It was sports day,in a primary school. They had their first event “balloon Game”. Balloons were tied to ankle of all the kids with a string, and their hands were tied at their back. They had to burst each others balloons as  the object of the game, in mean time protecting thier balloons. In the end,… Continue reading Priceless lessons