Breeze of love Part -4

Coincidentally K and she reached the board room at the same time and were greeted by the excited and ever-fresh siblings.

After regular pleasantries, she heard him speak politely with authority and clarity. “We need to rearrange our work place. I don’t want us to be placed in different corners of the office, especially when we have taken up a challenging project together”.

….”And I don’t want to give up my work place. You all know how much I hate change !” Renu butted in.

…”hey I’m fine to shift next to your cabin”..Amit grinned within a second.

…Oh! So Its me who is being thrown out into the streets? Aanya sighed dramatically expressing mock anger..

A throaty chuckle drew her attention but she recovered quickly.

No, you are offered one of the luxurious cabins. And his highness has agreed to get it re-modeled according to your convenience. Can you believe Aarav has agreed to make some changes in “that” cabin? Renu rolled her eyes and looked at K at that last sentence.

Before her heart could flutter it’s wings to fly, “ Yeah anything for the success of this project. I don’t want to put anyone in discomfort, it certainly affects productivity “ Aarav’s voice cut through as he adjusted himself comfortably in his chair and looked at his sister with a challenging glance.

So “this” is all well planned, Aanya managed to cover up her disappointment.

Hi listen…Renu burst in “yesterday at dinner table when I randomly brought up about our office space, it was Dad Who suggested that we should reconsider the arrangements for our own convenience. As you know, immediately I had disagreed. Also, Upon realizing the practical benefits I stuck a deal with Aarav.

I knew K and you will not lock horns with me”. Renu winked triumphantly.

….”See, Ms.Renu you are taking too much advantage of this innocent girl”, Aanya scrunched her brows in mock anger and laughed at her friends reaction.

She missed that lopsided smile and an admiration that gleamed, when he gazed at her face for an extra minute.

Even though they were a small Camarilla of favorite Co-workers, the diplomacy and professional honesty was scrupulously maintained so far as possible.

Aanya and Aarav had decided to work on the overseas assignments and Renu paired with K on local assignments. It was Amit’s cabin, next to Aarav’s that awaited the much anticipated makeover. The project was their proposal to plunge into international market through further analysis on their prospectives at that intersection. They were competent and also outclassed other proposals, hence were given a chance.

The job held a lot of responsibility and intense pressure to perform to their best every day. The market penetration at that moment was critical for their success and the work was obviously little stressful. It demanded overtime and long working hours too.

Going forward, they stared working together. Although she kept observing him for a positive sign her heart longed for, he kept it the way he liked.

A month went by, she was in a better position than she thought she would be. She had gotten used to his grumpy behavior and also his prudence.

It was after one such long day, she told him that she would be leaving early from work as Renu wanted to meet her. He flashed a smile that reached his heart and she felt that she was dragged to square one, at that moment. Before her heart skipped its rhythm, she courteously excused herself and walked out politely.



Right in front of the mirror she stared at her simple form, decoding the random signals that her heart sent to her brain. Her entire being was overwhelmed by the after effects of “that”dinner. Thoughts had not resumed the state of equilibrium, since the conversation with Renu.

She relied on sleep to give some clarity and was failed by it.

She had hidden so much from so many people around her, being scared that her feeling would come to nothingness. And never in her wildest dreams expected it to bite her back at this weirdest way. Since she had hardly slept, she was too tired to drag herself to office. A slow knock on the door brought her back to the real world. She got up and opened the door to find her mom walking inside casually. Strangely, her mom did not question about the unusual delay during the wee hours.


“Why are you staring at me like that? I think you have decided to take off today, so there is no hurry. Freshen up, we will have breakfast together” mom casually spoke.

…”Wait. I’m getting suspicious. Yesterday, Renu shocked me and now are you planning on similar lines? Why do I feel it’s connected and you already know about it ?” Aanya questioned with real curiosity.

“Yes probably you are right !” Her mom winked at her before walking out.



…”Aanya, my mom had enquired about you, I mean… if you are seeing someone?. I answered in negative and grilled little more details on the reason for her sudden enquiry. She told me that dad and her are planning to talk to your parents, seeking your hand for Aarav. Of course my heart soared high, but I wanted to know your side too, before showing my excitement to mom”…Renu spoke without missing a beat, as if she had waited to get the entire thing out of her stomach.

“Your side too? What is Aarav’s take on this?” She had blurted it out, before she could swallow back.

Mom said he is fine with mom’s choice. Renu gave a honest answer.

And anyway if you nod positively I promise to be the best sister-in-law. She had casually conveyed her secret wish and further eased Aanya by diverting the topic and giving her some space throughout the evening.

That made her special, best friend, soul mate and everything a girl could ask for.



. After having a quick bath and getting decently dressed, she took her own time to reach the breakfast table, all set to play truth or dare!!


…So, do you want to pour your thoughts about it? Her mom sat on the table opposite to her handing her a cup of coffee.

So soon?She did not mask her anger and irritation.

Aanya, I don’t see why do we give room for anger here. It’s just a proposal. Even if I have to look for a groom, I would prefer the a guy with similar qualities. And we are just going to have a discussion. Her mom spoke decisively.



She stared at the fountain…struggling for words..

To be cont…


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  1. Simply superb…The flow, opt words are in excellent momentum… I really salute your horizontal growth especially in your hand & heart….
    Keep it up my dear daughter…

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