Ramblings of stay at home woman

Random ramblings of stay at home woman…
The most dreading questions
What do you do all day? –I do work just like you.
How do you kill time whole day sitting at home? –If you have some spare time give me I actually need it! Trust me, really.
How can you sit at home after a good education- –Walk the road I have travelled, if you manage to get this far, you will figure out.

Once a working woman acquaintance pinged me
Aqq: Hi
Myself: Hi! How are you?
A: I am very busy with back to back meetings and hectic schedules. Can’t breath also. No time for anything. Now also rushing for a meeting.
Myself: Take care ya
A: no time for that too..I wish I had sometime like you…
She had spent her valuable 5 mins in telling me that she was having no time. Firstly, Do all stay at home woman watch soaps, glue themselves to tv, or gossip with Neighbour’s.? Are working women stronger than stay at home women?
I feel strength of a woman is defined by the challenges she overcomes to have mental peace and get what she wants. Be it finance, material things, travel goals, family bond, or handling their emotions and hormones. Priorities differ but a Strong woman braves through the obstacles to constantly outshine herself each and every day. The elements can change, but the attitude defines her. I feel there is no need of a role model, as long as you draw inspirations from many such fighter women. Relationship and family status, qualifications, official position are due to the life experiences that you have faced, and choices you have taken with the options that were available to you. It is customized, so you can never judge the other person with reference to your life.
Strength and class of a woman is exhibited by the way she expresses herself without compromising the integrity or denigrating someone. I have been a working woman for 7.5 years and stay at home woman for remaining 5 years. I respect all the women who are juggling with their family and profession and it is the same every where. For a stay at home woman, having a to-do list which gulps away the free time, leaving them stumbling through an exhausted day without any recognition or appreciation, that a professional environment fetches is the most challenging task. The lack of distraction from the daily shades of gray, budgeting every expenditure, the loss of a sense of accomplishment and all the freedom that was there before are hardest on a woman and the most difficult ones to cope up than the child rearing. To stay at home after knowing the market value of your skill set and trying to transform the jangling discords of the routine into a beautiful symphony, within the available options and limited support system needs a strong heart and powerful mind. I can vouch that, walking through this road is more challenging than the other one in my experience..
Not all woman quit career due to torturous in laws, violent family or old school marriages. There are other circumstances too, beyond the black and white scripts. It’s a choice we make for the family and people who love us but are equally flawed as others, within the limited options life offers us. Very cooperative family, helping hands, suitable job, good manager, understanding people, someone trustworthy to take care of kids aren’t a part of everyone’s life. So my 2 cents to the women and men out there, a stay at home woman has wings which flutters to fly too, all the way there. Respect people for their “self”and everything they are and not for the degree they hold, money they earn, lifestyle the adapt. And refrain from tagging them as someone who has lost something substantial. Your comments can prejudice the success of someone, who’s trying to hew out a path in the rock.
Everything is temporary, circumstances can change and tables can reverse, but there is something more to define a person than the post they hold and the money they earn. Cheers to all strong women out there, working or stay at home..


4 thoughts on “Ramblings of stay at home woman

  1. Too good, kams. A must read by everyone. Rightly said, it depends on individual preferences in life n stay at home women are equally engaged with household works, be it educated or uneducated women

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