Long distance relationship

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H for Home…The place I grew up.

H for Home….Generally, conception of good beliefs and faith in a person are an impact of the formative childhood years. It is believed that the family members, neighbourhood and places we live in, infuse a certain wisdom, culminating in a metamorphosis by which the adulthood is attained.I grew up wanting to explore places, experience multiculturalism, learn different languages, meet lot of people. True to my … Continue reading H for Home…The place I grew up.

Ambivalence of the motherhood…

Ambivalence of the motherhood.. Motherhood is a surreal mix of reality and fantasy. Every day, a mother is torn between overflowing affection, attachment, adoration and indignation. A mother becomes a living contradiction. The baby knows only one way of expressing its discomfort,  crying. Realisation of  this fact, makes a mother more helpless. The sleepless nights and urge to nourish the baby is a vicious cycle. … Continue reading Ambivalence of the motherhood…

Don’t Fry the innerself..

via Daily Prompt: Fry We humans are really blessed, compared to other living things in this world. We are born to realize few important morals in life, spread goodness, and create a positive vibration for the generations to come. We are gifted with an ability to come very close to God by using the 6th sense. We can feel, react and exhibit love. We have … Continue reading Don’t Fry the innerself..

Love is….

Love is not about two people seeing the same world together… Love is two different people enjoying two different world together. Walk with me, hold my hands, show me the world you see,  teach me all that you love. Let me be a part of everything that gives you joy, share everything that makes you who you are. Will show you how much you are loved. … Continue reading Love is….

Breeze of love- Part 2

Part 2. Aanya heard her phone buzz for the fourth time. Not wanting to ignore it again, she picked the call. As soon as she answered she heard Renu’s jumpy voice. “Hello aanya how long do I have to wait? And tell me where are you right now?”. She chuckled at her friend’s impatience “Renu, just give me 10 minutes. Will be right there. Are … Continue reading Breeze of love- Part 2