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Cake with chia seeds and coconut flour#gluten free banana bread!

This recipe is adapted from Vegrecipesofindia.Small serving of chia seeds has as much Omega-3 fatty acids in 2 tablespoons as 4 ounces of salmon. They are rich in protein fiber and calcium too.Coconut flour is rich in protein, fiber and fat. It's a good source of lauric acid, a saturated fat thought to support the immune… Continue reading Cake with chia seeds and coconut flour#gluten free banana bread!

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Protein diet!!

I have a practice of including protein in our daily food menu in one way or other. Paneer is one of our favorites. It's a simple to make home made paneer. Boil milk till it raises, add whey till it cuddles and keep stirring till water separates. Transfer into a cheese cloth and wash it… Continue reading Protein diet!!

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Food coma in a healthy way!

Who dislikes sweets..? I mean any day, mood turns better with a bite of something sweet.Wanted to make them tad bit healthier..And to my surprise they turned out 200%healthy..This is a no bake recipe.1. Fig +palmjaggery+almond+cashew+vannila essence +@kellogs granola mix.2. Cocopowder+honey+roastedoats+walnuts+(cashew+almond powder)3. Fried gram powder+cashew almond powder+lemon zest+lemon juice+palmjaggery

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Coconut flour cake!!

Coconut flour has so many nutritional properties. Initially was apprehensive about replacing my whole wheat flour with coconut flour. After extensive research found a recipe, which clicked right at the first shot!!

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Home decor DIY

Another #diy project. Did this with a 20 month old toddler's participation. Had been wanting to give some personal touch to the place where we do #yoga. And also I drew a #buddha wanting to place it at a good spot.The flower pot is made out of paper tea cups.Trees and leaves are made out… Continue reading Home decor DIY

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Ramblings of stay at home woman

Random ramblings of stay at home woman... The most dreading questions What do you do all day? --I do work just like you. How do you kill time whole day sitting at home? --If you have some spare time give me I actually need it! Trust me, really. How can you sit at home after… Continue reading Ramblings of stay at home woman

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Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

People who have grown up with a brother or sister at home will have innumerable memories. Those which hold the power to moisten your eyes and curve your lips. Those that are a gateway to reminisce about your childhood days, innocence, childishness and a carefree life where the only commitment was to eat, study and… Continue reading Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

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R for roadtrips

R for road trips.. A lot of things can happen over a road trip. Sudden realizations, life changing decisions, a much needed push/ pull, a lesson for lifetime from a most harrowing experience, blossoming friendships, blooming love and you may even find a key to your heart and dreams during such trips. Most importantly, this… Continue reading R for roadtrips