D for Dhruv

D for Dhruv

You are a magic that happened to us, A dream that came true and a blessing from God. The day we were informed about your inclusion in our lives, we felt our hearts stopped beating for a lifetime. There were million butterflies fluttering in our stomach and our eyes welled up with tears. God had perfect timing for everything and we always believed it.
You responded to my conversation on my 20th week of pregnancy. From then, every day was filled with euphoria and exhaustion. You arrival infused happiness in everyone’s heart.
Daily morning, we wake up snuggling and cuddling you. Every small, insignificant and momentous physical connection we share with you, exhilarates us. The peace, happiness and sense of security your babbling gives us is beyond explanations.
You take 4 hours to complete a single meal, but you can send 10 messages to 10 people in less than 10secs, take 100 pictures in mobile within 1min, hide remote in the fridge and dump your used socks into the dustbin. You detest freshly prepared piping hot dosa, but love to hunt discarded piece of food from garbage and chow down happily. You ask for water, throw away the bottle, and wail for the bottle being taken away. You know how to push me to the verge of losing my sanity and revert the mother in me by a hug. A pint-ball sized adorable dictator.

I don’t remember the last time I hugged you, without you wiggling out. I do not recollect my hobbies any more. I mean, cleaning the mess, disposing broken toys, doing bathroom rounds and attending my nature’s call occupy major part of my day. Luxury to me, at the moment is “full night sleep”. I know every thing around me is a mess and things are crazy. But, I am also sure that I would miss this craziness when you grow up. You are my best distraction.. I love this wildness and all the madness it brings.
At the end of the day, I look into your eyes to understand that, you are the miracle I wished to have. Love you baby. Love you always …
Probably, to carry on the fun, once you grow up, let me bang and cry at the toilet door while you attend the nature’s call. Sing rhymes when you listen to latest audio track and demand for paw patrol when you want to watch something more meaningful.😉

636210764466474246-1596046249_temper tantrum

Concluding this, here we are, as we owe our happiness to your smile and laughter. God bless you with long life, health, wealth and prosperity.

Dhu..this is for you.

azhagu nilave…
O Beautiful moon!

kadhavu thirandhu… arugil vandhaaye…
You opened the door and came near to me

enadhu kanavai unadhu vizhiyil eduthu vandhaaye
You came carrying my dreams in your eyes!

Oru paalaivanamaai kidandha vayitril paalai vaarthaaye!
You flooded my barren desert land of a womb, with milk

en paadhi uyirai thiruppi tharuvey parandhu vandhaaye!
To return my remaining soul, you took birth and came to me!

sondhangal enbadhu thaai thandhadhu
Relationships were given by mother

indha bandhangal enbadhu yaar thandhadhu
But, who gave all these acquaintances?

anbu thaan thyaagamey
Affection implies sacrifice

azhugai thaan dhyanamey
Crying is like meditaion

unakkum enakkum ulla uravu oorukku puriyaadhe…
The society won’t understand our relationship!

neerukkul swasikkum meen polave

Like the fishes which breathe under water,

un nesathil vaazhuven naanagave
I’ll live with your affection!

ulagam thaan maarume
The world will change

uravugal vaazhume
But, relationships will live (forever)!

Image and gif courtesy google.


13 thoughts on “D for Dhruv

  1. Loved it Kams.. that song… just awesome.. I always cry listening to it.. your writing is reaching great heights.. I wish you could write a book very soon…
    Keep going….


  2. Wow, awesome writing. Now, our children are our lives. What are we going to do when they grow up? ☺️ God will lead our paths then also, why to worry. Eagerly waiting for the next writing, kams


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