P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

What does it take to live a life with 10k Instagram followers, 1k Facebook friends, Exotic vacations with Enticing food spread, ever cooperative & mushy spouse, well behaved kids, coveted independence, enjoyable weekends and a rewarding career? Doesn’t this sound like a poetry. Trust me, it exists. Mark Zuckerberg’s company keeps reiterating that this poetic lifestyle does exist.


Does this mean that, only all these factors make our living peaceful? Will there be a constant ache if these things are absent in our life? The grotesque imbalance between our necessity and the luxury is most often a trigger for all these confusions and dissatisfactions in our life.

This subject had intrigued me for a long time. I had been chasing that perfect life too, for quite sometime. After becoming thoroughly exhausted and constantly blown away by few unsolicited life changes, with no or little control over the events unfolding in front of me, I have learnt to embrace this Perfectly imperfect life. Once the awareness engulfs the mind and heart, we start living your life one day at a time rather than skating through a pre-programmed autopilot mode. Our heart stays composed when it sees those “take-diversion” signs and the speed bumps do not throw us off the road. As the saying goes, we may not be able to choose the music life offers us, but we certainly can choose our dance.
Screaming child, messy kitchen top, irritating neighbour, leaking taps, Tiffs with the spouse, nosy relatives, grouchy boss are a part of a perfectly imperfect life.


Rather than analyzing the paradox if we add humor into our life, existence becomes blissful. The people who are driven by their interest and follow their dreams eventually reap benefits rather than dissatisfied, and constantly unhappy people.
I read a book called “Zen Miracles”, which says “Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired”. It is complicated than it sounds though. But once we follow life becomes uncomplicated. We do not have to make extraordinary efforts to become some one whom we are not. By doing what is needed at that moment makes us flow seamlessly and spontaneously.
What we have is the perfect life designed for us. Healthy life, wonderful parents and family, few friends to share a joke and laugh together, loving partner and food for your thoughts as well as tummy. It is our ideal picture of perfectness. In between the messy kitchen, strewn toys, spilled food, there is a healthy yummy meal, eruption of giggles and well fed tummy. The truth is there is no such thing called a perfect life that we keep chasing. The bar keeps raising and one want is replaced another.
So, all I would like to share here is that, if an Antarctica vacation makes someone’s life happier and brighter, a tub of ice-cream in with some good music/books makes mine the brightest and happiest!!

Thank you God ji for that blessing!


3 thoughts on “P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

  1. Well written kams . Im well satisfied with a tub of my fav icecream than doing a trip to Antartica . Im blessed with a lovable partner , adorable kid and all you best buddies to make my life perfectly perfect …

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