F For Friends

F for Friends…
Friends are people we meet outside the four walls of our comfort zone, our home. Friends can be crazy bunch of people who laugh with us for silliest things and become our partners in crime, matured set of people who teach us the sense of self respect and inspire us to advance forward, acquaintances who show us directions in life to reach our destination and people who become our family breaking all the formalities. Every friend is special and every friendship is a treasure.
Let me start with a gorgeous gang of girls in blue pinafore, neatly oiled-partitioned-plaited hair– tied up with bright white ribbons-nifty bicycles- plastic lunch bags- Truckload of talents😉. Our gang had top rank holders, best sports people, “pride of the school” singers and also few awesome dancers.


The implacable playfulness, made us to continue our mischiefs and break some school norms, in spite of several warnings and punishments. It made us “outstanding students”, literally also. 1. Re maps, Heropen, Camlin ink bottles, after school PT practices, stopping by friend’s house for some water, small roadside shops, 50p chocolates, whistling cycles, random stalkers, talkative girls, school excursions, countless memories and nameless fun.

Haphazard seating arrangements during the breaks and Unplanned singing sessions often dragged us to the punishment zone. We were magnetic, any noise (we called that naai paatu (dog song)” emanated from our floor brought the disciplinary staff directly to us. There were silent girls, there were calm yet naughty girls and then, there was our gang. We were people who did not have patience to wait for 3 hrs for the school to end to eat the jam prepared in the home science class and thereby went ahead to relish the full bottle, hot jam, in the middle of the class with loud “ mmmhh s, aahh s and wowys” only do a brief 5 times warm up run, as punishment. How can I forget our bright white canvas shoes which “outshined”, during our assembly session. All thanks to the chalk piece polishing techniques.


Also we had some proud owners of TVS50, who were our energy saving transporters We used to place our leg in their “bike” and zoom, we reached home effortlessly.

There are other unmentionable fun like mass-cheating during class tests, bunking assembly due to unbearable stomach pain (that usually started just before the assembly after the sudden realization about forgotten bangles, shoes, badge etc), striking deals for sundal- every friday-after- bhajan- sessions, lying about sudden ill-health of a very stable, healthy grandparent and playing important brain boosting games like this👇, during lecture hours.

School friends are the ones who shape up our creativity and add spice to our “narration” about life’s wonderful memories. If you had a brilliant school life, you become a very social person. Thanks to all my friends who were a part of my wonderful childhood and to those who are still in touch to recollect these with me now, after 20 years.
I owe a special thanks to Bhargi, for keeping the ball of friendship rolling, In-spite of my connectivity challenges. 25years and still counting. 3 cheers to you all.

Images Courtesy: Google.


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