B for Bangalore days..

B for Bangalore days.

A decade back, being a young adult (girl), pursuing dreams by staying away from family was flagrant disregard to the societal norms and myth. Having lofty dreams, with little sagacity and patients talks, I was able to convince my parents to send me off to Bangalore.

PG is a place where an introvert becomes an extrovert easily. Also that, there is an independence and lots of freedom, the most coveted ones.

I can call my PG as a home-away -from home or a haven. I genuinely confess that I hated my hostel but loved my hostel life with a capital L. I thank each of my friends out there, to have filled colours in the most precious memory of my life.

Meri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi…😚giphy

We primarily talked about anything under the sun. There was very little sense in perceiving analogies and hardly any Sherlock Holmes intentions while talking about a subject. We were not interested in finding the underlying truth, that was concealed in the subject. To put it straight, we liked to talk, tell stories, re-tell them, till the awareness about the topic is spread to everyone.


We shared gossips, mourned for each other’s epic embarrassments, laughed at our mistakes, motivated each other at troubled times and offered Primary psychological counselling regarding love life, marriage and much more serious issues.


There was an awe-striking, unbreakable unity among all of us in hating the hostel food. We never showed any mercy on people, who returned back from native visit.


It would be a blatant lie if I tell, see I knew maggi was unhealthy! And that’s why I hated maggi even then.

Truth is, if maggi had so much lead, we all should be walking Camlin pencils now!. That was the only tasty meal we could prepare to save our lives. All the other PG dishes were indescribable.


Best part of that life is, accepting the diversity of opinions, loving people irrespective of their beliefs, experiencing liveliness and having fun amidst the chaos of life. Those paani puri outings, saibaba temple visits, wonderla trip, well planned-well known-no surprise birthday celebrations, wedding treats, life science lessons and much more, has painted colorful memories that will never ever fade. Cheers girlies…Love you all.

girl hostel 2

To all of them, I owe a special thanks for staying with me the same way, even now….




10 thoughts on “B for Bangalore days..

  1. Well said. U really brought back all the memories. We were psychologists without a degree and ofcourse our counselling came free of charge. And truth be told it was the best therapy suggestion, a hug , few curse words for the person who caused us pain, few words of encouragement and we were ready to take on the world with a spring in our steps.
    Love u my girls, u know who u r. Stay the same always.

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    1. Search for a new PG for all of us to move together which we knew was next to impossible , still we never left our hopes. The fight for TV remotes made few of us to wake up early over the weekend just to ensure that we have the remote in our custody. The gangs, gundaism, etc are the memories we relish forever….


  2. Well written. Its so refreshing to read n think abt the life we enjoyed, a decade ago. And it’s great that our friendship bond getting stronger even after we moved into our own family life.. love you all, girls. Thank you for this wonderful feeling, friendship.


      1. Thanks to all these technological improvements which got t apps like whatsapp, facebook etc which makes communications easier nd bonding better.

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