Long distance relationship

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Breeze of love – Part 5

As a self made woman she chose to be independent and enjoy the life uninhibitedly. Could she be the same with him? “He is also a thorough professional, Independent, clear and decisive man” exclaimed the part of the brain which still had some sanity, impulsively flashing his face in front of her. Her lips curved into an involuntary smile, at that sight. “And remember that … Continue reading Breeze of love – Part 5

Breeze of love Part -4

Coincidentally K and she reached the board room at the same time and were greeted by the excited and ever-fresh siblings. After regular pleasantries, she heard him speak politely with authority and clarity. “We need to rearrange our work place. I don’t want us to be placed in different corners of the office, especially when we have taken up a challenging project together”. ….”And I … Continue reading Breeze of love Part -4

Breeze of love -Part 3

If her heart had drummed so loudly inside that board room, it seemed to be subdued now. Voidness engulfed her as she rode back home after 8 well spent hours. The humming melody in the radio didn’t help it at all. Her own actions and reactions astounded her. Her mind reeled. Wasn’t she the focussed girl who’s priority list was devoid of Complicated relationships? Now … Continue reading Breeze of love -Part 3

Terrible tales of our weighing scales…

In the era where there is a public outrage against “overweight ism”, and out burst against body shaming due to few increased pounds, I’m here to tell tales about the undisclosed frustrations of thin-shaming and skinny shaming.. 5.3” tall and 42 kgs…it’s ME. Why have you become so thin? Is the first compulsory 10 mark question I have been answering all through my life. The … Continue reading Terrible tales of our weighing scales…

Breeze of love- Part 2

Part 2. Aanya heard her phone buzz for the fourth time. Not wanting to ignore it again, she picked the call. As soon as she answered she heard Renu’s jumpy voice. “Hello aanya how long do I have to wait? And tell me where are you right now?”. She chuckled at her friend’s impatience “Renu, just give me 10 minutes. Will be right there. Are … Continue reading Breeze of love- Part 2

Breeze of love…Part 1

Gently holding her closed right eye with her left hand, she carefully put her liner. One look at the full length mirror, Aanya saw her reflection throwing some appreciative glance at her and she patted herself mentally for that perfect winged liner. The thoughfully selected mint green ankle pant paired with classy white sleeveless blouse, those matte white beaded copper necklace and the off white pumps accented … Continue reading Breeze of love…Part 1