R for roadtrips

R for road trips..
A lot of things can happen over a road trip. Sudden realizations, life changing decisions, a much needed push/ pull, a lesson for lifetime from a most harrowing experience, blossoming friendships, blooming love and you may even find a key to your heart and dreams during such trips. Most importantly, this mind numbing monotonous robot life needs a whiff of fresh air at regular intervals. Such breaks can be very rejuvenating and can even be called as a sort of mind detoxing exercise. Flight journey takes you to the destination and a fine memory of the destination is pinned to your heart, whereas road trips gives you treasured moments, creating a truckload of memories through out the journey. Someday, when you lie down on your couch feeling awfully low, with all your energy being sucked out by this mundane life, you might crave for a beautiful sight, a moment or days from your life journal, a pleasant reminiscence that would sooth your heart. I tell you, road trip’s are the best redemption deals. As William words worth says,


These road trips and the journey reveal a completely unknown side of our near and dear’s life, be it their success stories, choice of music, break up’s and even some of their special moments in life. We get to try out small eateries, road side tea/ coffee stalls even at ungodly hours, sleep in the car, explore the streets and take random pictures and feel connected with the real world throughout our journey. Even if you have a scheduled trip there will always be a room to accommodate the impulsive adventure carvings that arise out of sheer serendipity, seeing the beauty of nature and experiencing warmth in its lap.
Generally in Indian road trips, by the time a consensus can be reached about the correct turn, you would have missed the right one and would have already entered into a horribly laid road or some one foot-surfaced road or might have very rightly taken a wrong route. During such drives, the pride and giggles erupting from the young cyclists overtaking your car in a one foot-roads through a small village and the bubbling embarrassment inside your very being and the volcanic anger that erupts at that friend who guided you to the awful road is worth a precious-screenshot moment-memory.1414932556road-trip-bollywood-lessons-1

Pic courtesy: zinadagi na milegi dobara. One of my fav movies.

Recollection of such memories brings an involuntary smile to your lips even after several decades. During a fun trip with friends, when you get lost in the middle of a no-coverage area and the hilarious way-out discovery discussions that follow, can make an indelible foot print in your heart and cheer you up throughout your lifetime.
We once drove over a bridge with so much confidence that 10 other vehicles started following us. After a good 3 to 4 mins drive we reached the middle of a gigantic over bridge just to find out that, the ramp-down wasn’t constructed. It was actually an abandoned over-bridge and I can tell you that the sight was similar to have been stuck at the tip of a hill top. Trip with friends and family is a mandatory outlet for spending time with our loved ones.
Travelling with kids might be overwhelming at times. Kids might not feel comfortable with sudden long journeys. These road trips help you to introduce them to our magnificent nature at their own terms and comfort. Taking short breaks whenever it calls for, stepping out to breath the fresh air is one of the major advantages.
On one such trip, my friends adorable little girl refused to eat through out the day, till evening. Around evening, we adults stopped for a tea break at a decent restaurant. Suddenly, she wanted to have the same food as her mom, on a separate plate. And so we ordered Idiyappam and coconut milk for her. As soon as the food plate was placed in front of her, she took one string of idiyappam, dunked it into the bowl of coconut milk and tried putting it in her mouth, only to find that the string was lost in the bowl of milk. Even after several rounds of persuasions, she clearly refused to try the next string until she found out the previous one drowned in the pool of milk. In half an hour she managed to put one string successfully into her mouth. All the adults seated there were keenly looking at her action (as if we were watching a fist fight match and praying for our favourite person to win), hoping that she would be successful in her attempts. A tiny tot kept everyone on toes with rapt attention, oblivious to the fact that it was such a cute centre of attraction to so many people out there. Finally after one hour of focussing on her mouth and plate alternatively, we realized that that only one string of idiyappam had found it’s meant destination. My friend distracted her and ate those idiyappams little by little without her daughters suspicion. Its been so many years and we have gone on so many such trips, yet that little baby’s adorable act stays in my memory as fresh as it can ever be. Nowhere whenever my son does that, I feel strongly connected with that pleasant day.
Where ever we are, however we are, the memories associated with such trips and the satisfaction those journeys give you, are your happy ‘tales to tell’ and ‘life-stories to share’ with your kids and loved ones. Life is unpredictable and everything is perishable, including money and status. Hence, spend time for yourself, explore and enjoy life throughout the journey not just the destination.


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  1. Road trips can be categorised too –the ones you took with your parents & siblings . Then the ones you took with your partner later our appendages joined in , and of course the one with friends – all leave lasting impressions some become topics of conversation to be repeated each time there is a get together , some come as fleeting memories in your me time

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