via Daily Prompt: Spike in modern lifestyle pace and our rat race

via Daily Prompt: Spike

We, as human beings are evolving. Our lifestyle is rapidly changing. Our once upon a time luxuries are becoming necessities. We are running fastly to catch up with the society’s pace.

There are opportunities everywhere. Everyone gets a chance to express themselves. I take myself as an example. If not for this wordpress, technology and space, I would have not found a platform to evince the joy of telling tales through writing and art.

The quote “Try and try with your head high, you will succeed faster” is the truth of the day. There is always a scope of improvement and learning, there is always a ray of hope, there is always a new career, there is always a fresh start. I can keep listing the boons of spiking modernisation  and globalization.

Now coming to the by products of modernization and globalisation, change in the lifestyle is one of the major by product. To keep up with the pace we run a rat race, dashing and zooming past everything as fast as we could, as if life is a 100mtrs race. Infact, we rate ourselves wrt to others competing in the race. There are lot of phsycological disorders reported now than a decade ago. I wonder, when there are opportunities for everyone everywhere and everyone’s interests differs why do we look up to other people’s materialistic/social achievements and crave that.

I would love to share something i read sometime back. It said that,  life is not 100mtrs race. It is a marathon. So stay put on the track at your own pace, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and focus on completing the race. Eventually you will see yourself reaching the destination you had dreamt of.


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