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Ramblings of stay at home woman

Random ramblings of stay at home woman... The most dreading questions What do you do all day? --I do work just like you. How do you kill time whole day sitting at home? --If you have some spare time give me I actually need it! Trust me, really. How can you sit at home after… Continue reading Ramblings of stay at home woman

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Q for Question paper quivers and exam shivers..

Question paper quivers...Exam Chronicles. I am a severe Testophobic person whose mind gets disarrayed at the mention of the word called exam. During such days, my dysfunctional mind never failed to beget more anxiety. The college from which I got my bachelor's degree was a major contributor of my insomnia. I don’t remember going to… Continue reading Q for Question paper quivers and exam shivers..

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P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

What does it take to live a life with 10k Instagram followers, 1k Facebook friends, Exotic vacations with Enticing food spread, ever cooperative & mushy spouse, well behaved kids, coveted independence, enjoyable weekends and a rewarding career? Doesn't this sound like a poetry. Trust me, it exists. Mark Zuckerberg's company keeps reiterating that this poetic… Continue reading P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

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O for Occasions

Theories and researchers have proved that, the neurobiological system that intercedes the emotional stimulus and our memory is closely connected. The hormones that are released by this emotional arousal controls the coalescence of our long term memory. Recent researches have demonstrated that humans have more autobiographic memory of their experiences than other living beings. Our… Continue reading O for Occasions

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L for Late Kate chronicles

L for Late Kate. I wonder how am I loved by these two most important men in life, who are the most punctual people in the world, in-spite of me being directly opposite to their personalities. Psychology says that people who are always late are the most creative ones. Blaah!! I really don’t know about… Continue reading L for Late Kate chronicles

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K for kuppu paati

K for kuppu paati. My Kuppu paati (father’s mother) is the reason I am here, rekindling all my best memories and being grateful to so many people around me. She was a very thin-fair skinned lady, with a broad forehead, well combed bun, wrinkled cheeks, diamond earrings in her ears and single gold bangle in… Continue reading K for kuppu paati

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J for Joyous movie rides..

J for Joyous movie rides.. During 1990’s not every house had cable connections or these satellite channels. We felt elated and thrilled to go to theatres and watch movies. It wasn’t an every-week affair. We went for movies with the entire extended family, during vacations or as a reward to our good behaviour. Those fun… Continue reading J for Joyous movie rides..

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I for influence of my life events…

I for influence of my life events... These days, there are number of case studies and researches going on to define and measure our happiness. Happiness is a very relative emotion pertaining to the psychological quotient, societal influence, economic and physical conditions of the people. The identity of a person emerges from the culmination of… Continue reading I for influence of my life events…