Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

People who have grown up with a brother or sister at home will have innumerable memories. Those which hold the power to moisten your eyes and curve your lips. Those that are a gateway to reminisce about your childhood days, innocence, childishness and a carefree life where the only commitment was to eat, study and sleep. Once the 3 boxes were checked off, we had … Continue reading Siblings and secrets..S for Sathya..

R for roadtrips

R for road trips.. A lot of things can happen over a road trip. Sudden realizations, life changing decisions, a much needed push/ pull, a lesson for lifetime from a most harrowing experience, blossoming friendships, blooming love and you may even find a key to your heart and dreams during such trips. Most importantly, this mind numbing monotonous robot life needs a whiff of fresh … Continue reading R for roadtrips

Q for Question paper quivers and exam shivers..

Question paper quivers…Exam Chronicles.I am a severe Testophobic person whose mind gets disarrayed at the mention of the word called exam. During such days, my dysfunctional mind never failed to beget more anxiety. The college from which I got my bachelor's degree was a major contributor of my insomnia. I don’t remember going to college for fun. It had to be either a mid-sem, model, … Continue reading Q for Question paper quivers and exam shivers..

P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

What does it take to live a life with 10k Instagram followers, 1k Facebook friends, Exotic vacations with Enticing food spread, ever cooperative & mushy spouse, well behaved kids, coveted independence, enjoyable weekends and a rewarding career? Doesn’t this sound like a poetry. Trust me, it exists. Mark Zuckerberg’s company keeps reiterating that this poetic lifestyle does exist. Does this mean that, only all these … Continue reading P for Perfectly Imperfect life..

O for Occasions

Theories and researchers have proved that, the neurobiological system that intercedes the emotional stimulus and our memory is closely connected. The hormones that are released by this emotional arousal controls the coalescence of our long term memory. Recent researches have demonstrated that humans have more autobiographic memory of their experiences than other living beings. Our human brain gives enormous weightage to all the occasions in … Continue reading O for Occasions

Happy Father’s day!!

Women go through tempestuous pregnancy with rocketing hormones and gruelling physical challenges. If the walk towards motherhood is exhausting, postnatal period is perplexing. They triumph over the postpartum anxiety, win over the post natal body shaming comments and become strong and wonderful mom’s. If there is a shoulder to lean on, share the confusions and work out amicable solutions regarding parenting, the journey becomes interesting … Continue reading Happy Father’s day!!

N for Neighbours

Good neighbours emanate positive energy and contribute to the well being of the society, they belong to. Also, a neighbour's epochal contribution in shaping up our life is unrivaled. They are the most important source and our immediate community that maps us with the society. On day to day basis, there is a subtle thread of interdependency, that knits us with them and vice versa. … Continue reading N for Neighbours

M for Memories of my Madras..

M for Memories of My Madras.. Madras, 3 decades back was an uncomplicated, wonderful and fascinating world to people who wanted to work hard, soar high, and make a livelihood. There have been numerous success stories of people who have reached the pinnacle of success after relocating to Madras. I am the daughter of one such successful couple. Even now people from the northern part … Continue reading M for Memories of my Madras..

L for Late Kate chronicles…

L for Late Kate. I wonder how can I be loved by these two most important and punctual men in life?My appa and the husband man. . Not just punctual, they are very disciplined too. Psychology says that people who are always late are the most creative ones. Not def Meh!! I really don’t know about the authenticity of this analysis. But I can tell … Continue reading L for Late Kate chronicles…