My #painting. . A woman is the most integral and beautiful part of a man’s life. She might be a mother, sister, friend, partner or wife. She is a source of calmness and positive energy and a silver lining during the clouds of doubt. So is a man to her. Acknowledging each other’s significance makes life peaceful. A man and a woman can coexist with … Continue reading Art

Tiny stories

I love to paint and write. Here I am, bringing both my favorite things together #tellingtales Continue reading Tiny stories


In India there is a quote, “Athithi Devo Bhava” (The guest is equivalent to God’). As kids, our summer vacations were very exciting, only because of people who hosted us and helped us to make lots of indelible memories. We would go on tours, meet our friends, relatives, strangers and spend time with them. I reminisce all the food we have had, more than a … Continue reading Hospitality

via Daily Prompt: Spike in modern lifestyle pace and our rat race

via Daily Prompt: Spike We, as human beings are evolving. Our lifestyle is rapidly changing. Our once upon a time luxuries are becoming necessities. We are running fastly to catch up with the society’s pace. There are opportunities everywhere. Everyone gets a chance to express themselves. I take myself as an example. If not for this wordpress, technology and space, I would have not found … Continue reading via Daily Prompt: Spike in modern lifestyle pace and our rat race

Don’t Fry the innerself..

via Daily Prompt: Fry We humans are really blessed, compared to other living things in this world. We are born to realize few important morals in life, spread goodness, and create a positive vibration for the generations to come. We are gifted with an ability to come very close to God by using the 6th sense. We can feel, react and exhibit love. We have … Continue reading Don’t Fry the innerself..

Love is….

Love is not about two people seeing the same world together… Love is two different people enjoying two different world together. Walk with me, hold my hands, show me the world you see,  teach me all that you love. Let me be a part of everything that gives you joy, share everything that makes you who you are. Will show you how much you are loved. … Continue reading Love is….

Radiate boundless love towards all beings…

This is an adapted drawing. I was inspired by a random painting, that i came across many years back. I do not remember where i saw it. In general, I always admire colourful butterflies fluttering in the garden around the flowers. The sight fills our heart with an instant dash of happiness. As wordsworth says ”       For oft, when on my couch I … Continue reading Radiate boundless love towards all beings…

Learning the art of Resilience

There is a quote that says “ “. I find this quote to be very true. We are born to laugh, cry, play, fall, bounce back, rejoice, grieve, work hard, relax, celebrate, break down and do much more. The order varies, cycle changes, challenges swings and result differs from person to person. I have had my share of difficult times, family illness, medical emergencies, personal … Continue reading Learning the art of Resilience