L for Late Kate chronicles

L for Late Kate. I wonder how am I loved by these two most important men in life, who are the most punctual people in the world, in-spite of me being directly opposite to their personalities. Psychology says that people who are always late are the most creative ones. Blaah!! I really don’t know about the authenticity of this analysis. But I can tell that, … Continue reading L for Late Kate chronicles

B for Bangalore days..

B for Bangalore days. A decade back, being a young adult (girl), pursuing dreams by staying away from family was flagrant disregard to the societal norms and myth. Having lofty dreams, with little sagacity and patients talks, I was able to convince my parents to send me off to Bangalore. PG is a place where an introvert becomes an extrovert easily. Also that, there is an … Continue reading B for Bangalore days..