Powerful women- best paradoxes

A woman who wants it “all” turns out to be a paradox. As a matter of fact, she weighs her interests and other’s equally. Her exemplary diligence and perseverance not only crafts a strong younger generation but pushes her one step forward every single day.

Of course, these qualities have propelled her success path as a working woman, entrepreneur, primary care giver, and even as an astronaut who marks her footprints all the way there on the Milky Way. She can parcel out her time for domestic needs and her growth requirements in a very effective manner. The everlasting negotiation of conflicting real time priorities and life needs makes her a paradox.

Does this make her less happy?

Not really. She sails through this beautifully by warming up to the love her family emanates. This is about a woman who is such a paradox and being loved by her partner, for all that she is.

Love has a power to strengthen your spirit and improve your stamina to walk even with aches and cramps. They say, when someone loves you for what you are, just hold on to them and rejoice. For you might not find better arms to hug you and honest soul to tell you ” it’s ok! Trust your heart and move forward. You certainly can”.

And being a ‘living’ contradiction having conflicting thoughts, makes us more human. These qualities define our individuality and uniqueness.

This update comes with my favorite song


Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi

Every moment life is changing its face

Chaanv hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi

Sometimes it’s shade, sometimes it’s sun in life

Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo

Live every moment here, in the fullest

Jo hai samaa, Kal ho naa ho

Whatever is today, may not be there tomorrow

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se

Whoever loves You whole-heartedly

Milta hai woh mushkil se

You find him with great difficulty

Aisa jo koi kahin hai

If there is someone like this anywhere

Bas wohi sabse hasin hai

Then that person is just the most beautiful

Uss haath ko tum thaam lo

Take hold of the person’s hand

Woh meherbaan kal ho naa ho

That grateful being, may not be there tomorrow

Palko ke leke saaye

If someone takes the shadows from Your eyelids

Paas koi jo aaye

And comes near You

Lakh sambhalo paagal dil ko

Even if try to control the heart a million times

Dil dhadke hi jaaye

The heart goes on beating

Par soch lo is pal hai jo

But just think, what is there in this moment

Woh daastan kal ho naa ho

That story (chain of events), may not be there tomorrow

Pic courtesy: My talent ya👈😎


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