Whole wheat crunchy biscuits

Whole wheat puffy/crunchy biscuits :
Who wouldn't love to have puffy flaky and crunchy biscuits with soup or tea or a cup of filter coffee!
Getting straight into recipe

Preheat the oven 350deg f.

Whole wheat. :2 cups
Buttermilk(cold) :1 cup
baking powder. :1 tablespoon.
Baking soda. :1 tsp.
Salt. :1 tsp
Honey : 2 tsps
Cold butter. : 4 tblspoons ( finely cut into
small pieces)
Chaat masala. : 1 tsp

Take a spoon of butter and let these splutter
Green chilies. : 2
Ajwain. :1 tsp
Cumin seeds. :1/2tsp
Cilantro. :1 tblspoon Chopped

Mix everything gently. And form a paratha dough consistency. Don't knead, gently mix. Don't roll, just pat it and spread little thick. Cut with a cookie cutter( I used a small stainless steel cup).

Bake till it turns crisp. And check once if the center part is baked properly too. My oven took 40 mins to bake 12 biscuits.
If you don't like the tinge of bitterness due to ajwain, you can skip that.


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